Innochange Solutions Inc.

Practical Knowledge 

Businesses cannot afford to standstill or rest on their past successes. We all know of companies that have failed because they did not adopt to changes in today’s business environment.

Innochange Solutions Inc is a Canadian registered company that finds and provides accounting and finance solutions to help companies change and be competitive.

The company was founded by Noel Muttupulle on the principle that innovation and change are continuous and essential to win in the business world.

Noel offers over 35 years of senior management experience in accounting, finance, Information technology and International business experience earned in USA, Canada, Asia, Africa & Middle East.  He has a MBA from Rotman School of Management; University of Toronto.  Noel’s professional qualifications include Chartered Professional Accountant of Ontario/Canada, Certified Management Accountant of Ontario/Canada and Chartered Management Accountant of the UK.